Welcome to the Tree of Life website offering a comprehensive range of Therapies, Classes, Courses and Workshops, Tree of Life was set up to provide a centre of excellence in the area of Holistic Healthcare. Whatever route you wish to take towards wellness, you are guaranteed the Ultimate in Professional Care here at Tree of Life.
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Tarot & Angel card readings

Tarot & Angel card readings

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards can act like ‘mind mirrors’ along the journey of life, stimulating insightful perspectives for the inquirer.

The rich symbolism which spans many cultures and traditions, is an eccelctic pictorial representation of the journey through life, a philosophical perspecive of experiences common to us all. Through interpretation of the individual card meanings and the layout of the spreads, they can aid reflection of your past, present and possible future and show you a fresh perspective on your life.  Tarot does not provide 'absolute' statements or predictions. However, the process of card reading can be helpful by offering an overview of how things seem to be in the different areas of our lives and how things seem to be unfolding…as long as we remember that we are the architects of our own destiny!

Drawing on a finely tuned intuition and expertise built up over 20 year of experience, study and exploration, Julie has developed an in-depth awareness and understanding of the Cards. She brings to her readings a unique holistic approach and gently encourages her clients to experience their inner potential, which can unveil a clearer view of the path that lies before them.

€50 per reading (approx.40 mins)


Tarot Card Reading combined with an Energy Healing

My name is Miriam and I am offering an hour treatment which is a combination of a card reading followed by a lovely energy healing to help with the various issues the cards show me very quickly. I discovered my ability to read people’s cards in my early twenties and I have since studied Reiki to Masters Level. A wonderful healing has evolved where I combine the two with very positive results. I find that each reading I do is as individual as the person I am reading and I like to combine the energy healing with the cards as I see issues very quickly in the cards and like to heal the pain and issues I see with gentle and effective energy.To book, call reception on 01 8283992.



Angel Readings with earth Angel Gracie

Do you have questions or situations in your life that you feel you need some answers and guidance to so that you can move forward in your life.
Well an Angel reading may be just what you need.

A reading can help you to communicate with your angels who know and understand you better that anyone else. They know what’s truly best for you and want to help you with any situation such as relationships, careers, life purpose, family, health, financial, business and much more.

These angel readings are loving, gentle, insightful and honest. They will help to guide you on the best way to move forward in your life. You will be surprised how accurate they are. Grace Doyle







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