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Life Coaching

Life Coaching
Take Control with Life Coaching

Is this you?

Not Living the life you want to live?
Feeling Stuck and have unfulfilled goals/dreams?
Lacking focus in life and/work?
Not sure how to navigate a career change?
Struggling to make decisions as to what to do next?
Time to Change?

Why Use a coach?
To gain clarity about who you are and how to take action towards owning your own life.
To realise your potential and strengths in pursuit of passionate work.
To have a clear life vision and focus so that you finally feel like you’re self-directing your own life.
To unleash your inner strength and personal power!

What is Coaching?
A facilitative process whereby clients explore where they want to go in life and to set goals for themselves which are in keeping with their values.
The Development of a special relationship between the coach and the client which, rather than looking to the past, plans for the future. It has a more holistic approach aimed at dealing with those matters effecting the client’s achievement of fulfilling their life and or career goals.
Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgemental, impartial and completely personalised support structure that enables the client to explore their goals and put effective plans in place to manage the change process in order to achieve them.

About Sinéad O’Brien
I am a professional accredited life Coach, with over 22 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring, education and development. My success is underpinned by a wide skill-set honed through years of guiding and working with people from all walks in life. As an exceptional communicator, with a unique insight in to the individual on both personal and vocational levels, I have an ability to effectively engage with clients, quickly building safe and trusting relationships which facilitate heightened client self-awareness and an understanding of the impact of behaviours, words and actions on oneself and on others. These skills complement my calm, compassionate and empathetic approach as I empower people to embrace change and to believe in their capability to achieve their true potential across the lifespan, even in the face of obstacles.
I provide a confidential and completely non-judgemental service whereby the client can confidently explore their life strategies and goals.
Take your first step towards the new you!
For an initial confidential free consultation please contact us at the Tree of Life Malahide on ph: (01)8283922







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