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Yoga for Pregnancy



Yoga for Pregnancy-

We are delighted to restart our Pregnancy Yoga class again in the Tree of Life this September!

Starts on Wednesday 12th September at 8.15pm. The cost of this first course of 6 weeks will be €80, (Payment in advance of course start date) with drop-in €17.Wednesdays 8:15pm-9:15pm

About Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga provides numerous  physical and emotional benefits that can enhance the entire birth and parenting experience. Pregnancy Yoga brings a calm strength and inner balance that enables you to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead. 

The Yoga class is designed specifically to relieve aches and pains experienced during pregnancy, to strengthen the body, and help you relax and sleep better, as well as prepare the body and mind for birth. In our pregnancy yoga class we practice different types of breathing techniques, and also combine this with practicing a variety of poses which are suitable for labour and birth. 
The class is suitable for those who are over 12 weeks pregnant, right up until the day you give birth. Our highly experienced teacher is Helen Plass, a Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Instructor, Active Birthing Instructor and Fitness Specialist, and mother of 3 little boys, all birthed naturally.
To book, please call reception on 01 8283992

About the class

Pregnancy Yoga integrates correct breathing techniques and strengthening “pregnancy-suited” yoga poses, which improves posture, balance and flexibility. It will increase your energy, strength and relieve tension, letting you enjoy a comfortable pregnancy. Quiet meditation and relaxation ends this blissful class.

These classes provide physical and emotional benefits that enhance the whole experience of birth and parenting.

Yoga brings a calm strength and inner balance that enables you to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.

Your pelvic floor muscles require specific training to give your uterus optimal support in pregnancy. Deep breathing and exercise prepare these muscles to become ‘birthing muscles’. You will learn here how to ‘birth lightly’- making use of your breath and increase efficacy of uterine contractions while keeping the rest of your body relaxed. You will get here all the useful information about pregnancy and birth; you will connect with your baby and body, as well as other mums! Friendships start here too!








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