Welcome to the Tree of Life website offering a comprehensive range of Therapies, Classes, Courses and Workshops, Tree of Life was set up to provide a centre of excellence in the area of Holistic Healthcare. Whatever route you wish to take towards wellness, you are guaranteed the Ultimate in Professional Care here at Tree of Life.
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Ashtanga Yoga

Pop up Ashtanga / Vinyasa FlowYoga

A unique combination of strong, flowing movement and dynamic breathing, which creates a high heat, high energy workout. The practice is very suiting to modern life because rather then trying to slow down into stillness by an act of will, Ashtanga yoga allows the practitioner to harness the speed and flow of the mind and use rhythm and consistency to harmonise and stabilise it. With practice you are increasing self-awareness and developing a discipline of body and mind.

Monday 8th April 2017 7:30pm – 9:00pm (Mixed levels), 

Drop ins -€15 {subject to availability}








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