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Yoga Workshops


Friday Night Chill Series-Sacred Sound and Yoga Workshop

17th August and 21st September 2018

Fridays  7:30pm-9pm
Special introductory offer- €20

Join Aoife for the ultimate chill experience- an evening of total restoration with the use of ancient healing sound instruments to form a powerful combination of breathing techniques, gentle yoga stretching, guided mediations and a sacred sound bath. 

During this workshop you will use calming breathing techniques that can be brought into every-day living to reduce stress-levels, vocal toning; using the power of the voice and colour to balance and clear the chakra energy centres of the body. You will be brought through some gentle yoga movements to stimulate the flow of energy in the body while releasing tension and tightness followed by a guided mediation and sacred sound bath.
The soothing combination of complex tones of the instruments combined with healing intention help the mind to switch off while connecting you to deeper levels of self. This bridging of the gap brings you a meditative state where deep healing can happen. This sound healing experience also works on a physical level; the vibrations from the array of healing instruments have the unique ability to reset the nervous system. Our body is like a store-house of our past experiences; we tend to hold old thoughts and emotions within our body which can prevent you from fully living in the moment. Your whole system is revitalised by washing and cleansing through the use of sound and vibration. This reverses the fight or flight mode that modern day living promotes, enabling you to release, let go and handle daily stresses with more ease.
This workshop aims to help you to balance and harmonise to your entire being by revitalising your body, bringing tranquillity to your mind and soul.


Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness

Friday 27th July 2018
September 7th and October 19th 2018
7.30 - 9.30pm 

This candlelight practice is simply about relaxing. Friday night is a great time to let go of tension and stress and take time to be quiet and still and notice and observe whats going on inside. The tools of a yin practice really help to slow down the nervous system from all the external and internal stimulation, so we can access our inner ease no matter what challenges we may be experiencing in our lives. 
Using the tools of a restorative practice , resting on bolsters to recharge the energy of the adrenals and digestive energy and to connect to that softness and fluidity we experience in the body when our mind has the opportunity to rest in its natural ease. Please join Maggie for this extended deep relaxation practice. 
With Maggie Dunne
Places will fill fast for this class, so please book early.
Payment in advance- special offer, only €20








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